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Manufacturer of PTFE oven liner, Silicone baking mat, PTFE oven crispy basket, PTFE oven rack, PTFE BBQ mat, PTFE baking liner, PTFE cake liner and so on

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Cook's Aid is a registered trademark belongs to Jiangsu ESONE New Material Co.,Ltd (Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd), our company was founded in Dec 2006. Cook's Aid is offering OEM service of non stick product for baking & BBQ & cooking.

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Introduction video of Silicone baking mat, BBQ mat, Toaster bag, Oven crispy tray and so on

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Cook's Aid has FDA & LFGB & CA 65 & EU certification for PTFE coated fabric and Silicone coated fabric


Reviews for Cook's Aid product (Retailed)

  • This is the third set I've purchased. Two for gifts. The different sizes are perfect for any type of oven use. You won't believe the great results you get using these silicone mats. And, the price is phenomenal! I paid $16.00 on SALE for the small rectangular one in this set! Whenever this set is offered, get it quickly before it sells out. They will work FOR you in a myriad of ways in your oven.

    Brilliant Product  - TOPIC

  • Love this stuff! I use to cover items in bowls or casserole dishes I put into the microwave to keep food from splashing out onto the walls and ceiling of the microwave.<br />I use them to pull things out of the microwave and set or carry things on them so I don't get burned.<br />I use them on a cookie sheet to go into the oven to keep cleanup much easier.<br />So very glad I bought the set.

    Microwave  - TOPIC

  • For me, a bachelor, these are just phenomenal. I don't have to mess with foil anymore, no foods stick to them, they clean up so easily, and this particular offering has so many pieces of all sizes for all my pans and dishes. We had one years ago that went missing, but I am glad I waited until this great offer came along. I can only give it my highest rating for value, functionality and quality.

    Just what you want  - TOPIC

  • I've ordered a few sets of these. People come over for dinner and see how great they work on the grill, I end up giving mine away or ordering them a gifts for others. My husband loves this item because it keeps the grill so much cleaner. No more food sticking to the grates or falling through. Great product. Try it.

    Best Product  - TOPIC

  • My grilled foods are evenly cooked & I normally don't like grilled chicken because it usually is dry & over cooked-not with the grill mats! Everything you could possibly think of has been on the grill since this purchase. Easy to clean and no flare up. Highly recommend this to any Grill Master or Grill Novice.

    Truly The Best BBQ Accessory Ever  - TOPIC

  • I've been using these on my grill & in my oven, absolutely love them! They work great under the mesh baskets I've also gotten from QVC. We love to put our frozen pizzas on them. They crisp the crust up nicely. I'm so glad I got 2 sets of them.

    Great product  - TOPIC

  • I bought these exclusively to be used on the grill and so far have used all sizes multiple times! Vegetables, shrimp, fish and wings. They all cooked perfectly, were contained and clean up wasn't much of a hassle. You just have to remember they are not a sturdy material... yes, I've dropped my shrimp once. Overall a great buy! Thanks QVC!

    Great value!  - TOPIC

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