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grill mat color black 18″ x 26″

Grill mat is  made of PTFE non-stick material, special for high temperature cooking up to 260 degrees.

With the PTFE coating, it is 100% non-stick and reusable.

Product dimension: 18″  x 26″ ( 45.7cm  x 66cm).

Grill mat is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It stops food from falling through the cracks, great for vegetables, bacon, fish kabobs and more.

They are perfect for reducing effort and improving results when cooking at home, but are also ideal for parks and campgrounds to provide an instantly clean surface to cook on.

Cleaning it is very simple, just wipe off the messy or clean with water with soap.

We have passed FDA and LFGB certificate for all these materials.

As a manufacturer, we can offer OEM service to any customer who want to involve in this business.

grill mat

grill mat

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Steven Xiong

Export Manager of Non-stick Baking or BBQ Mat/Mesh/Basket

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