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BSCI of Youngsun

Youngsun Passed BSCI Factory Audit of Non stick BBQ Mat

Non stick BBQ Mat and BSCI Audit

Non stick BBQ Mat

Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd was established in 1992, is the well known manufacturer of Non stick BBQ Mat, Silicone baking mat, Oven crisper baskets in the world. Now Youngsun is working with many famous supermarket, TV Shopping, On-line shopping and so on, in this case, Youngsun will make BSCI & GSV and many other kinds of factory audit and product safety test.


What is BSCI Audit?


BSCI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). All BSCI participants are also FTA members and share the FTA vision of “Free Trade. Sustainable Trade”. To fulfil this vision, BSCI has been given specific governance bodies through which BSCI companies are invited to actively take part, to develop and implement an excellent system for improved working conditions in the global supply chain.


Why need BSCI Audit for Non stick BBQ Mat?


In the context of globalisation, retailers, importers and brands source products from supplying companies around the world. Many of them are located in countries where national laws protecting workers are inadequate or poorly enforced. To address this, many companies and associations have created individual codes of conduct and their own implementation systems.

BSCI audit will ensure that all the workers rights and interests will be protected, and the factory is true manufacturer of Non stick BBQ Mat and Silicone baking mat.


The Benefit of BSCI audit of Non stick BBQ mat.


Benefits for Retailers, Importers and Brands


★ One holistic and simple approach

★ Improved internal management systems

★ Efficient risk management

★ No duplication of efforts and costs

★ More leverage throughout the supply chain

★ One aligned message to all producers

★ Reduced audit fatigue

★ Increased time and resources for improvements and remediation

★ Influence on key players of the supply chain

★ Opportunity to network and exchange best practices

Benefits for Producers


★ Fewer social audits

★ Access to a broad network of international buying companies

★ Improve internal management processes

★ Focus on improvements and remediation

★ Influence on key players at national level


Non stick BBQ Mat-BSCI

Non stick BBQ Mat-BSCI

Silicone Baking Mat GSV

Youngsun Passed GSV Factory Audit of Silicone Pastry Mat

Silicone Pastry Mat and GSV Audit


Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd is selling a lot Silicone Pastry Mat to US market, like QVC, Costco and many famous customers in TV shopping, Supermarket and On-line shopping. That is the reason why we take care of the safety and anti-terrorist of the goods.


Youngsun now has passed Global Security Verification (GSV) Audit, and got high score in the audit.


GSV Business Benefits Include:


– Enables importers and suppliers to leverage efforts through a common industry platform and collaboration

– Delivers effective data gathering, analysis and reporting capabilities that allow for risk mitigation and more informed decision making for all supply chain partners

– Reduces audit fatigue by enabling suppliers to share their verification reports with various importers, allowing them to prioritize resources towards learning and continuous improvement versus repeat auditing

– Employs a consistent scoring methodology across all players that is combined with theuse of automated auditor tools to provide increased audit efficiency, consistency and better reporting capabilities


Why Youngsun value the safety of Silicone Pastry Mat?


The enhanced supply chain security standards and criteria, including C-TPAT, PIP and AEO, have been embraced and implemented by the global trade community.

As part of enforcing and adhering to the  international supply chain security standards, Youngsun must assess our supply chain to identify, mitigate and eliminate potential security risks.

Silicone Pastry Mat GSV

Youngsun is selling lots of Silicone Pastry Mat and Oven liner to US, and now has passed Global Security Verification (GSV) Audit.

Silicone Pastry Mat

The Advantages Of Cooking Pizza Using A Pizza Baking Sheet

Learning how to make a perfect and evenly-cooked pizza can take some time. One of the biggest factors that affect the finished product is the type of utensil you use in cooking the pizza. For instance, you might get a better-cooked pizza when you use a pizza stone instead of an aluminum tray. Of course, results vary but the the fact remains that the quality is directly affected by the type of pan or tray you use. This brings us to the advantages of using a pizza baking sheet. Such advantages are discussed in more detail below.

1) Baking sheets are much easier to use and clean. 
This is because they are less bulky and you can easily move them around. Compared to pizza stones and trays, cleaning a baking sheet can take just a few minutes. This way, you can quickly cook several rounds of pizza more efficiently. This can come very handy especially if you are time-constrained and making pizzas can be as quickly as possible. Because a baking sheet cuts down the cooking as well as cleaning time, a lot of pizza shop owners are now using the sheets for their production. The baking sheets work very well with the demands of their customers.

2) A pizza baking sheet is less expensive compared to pizza stones ,baking screen and trays.
This is not surprising at all given the cost of the materials used for manufacturing baking sheets. These are cheap but sturdy and long-lasting materials. So if your budget is not enough for expensive pizza stones, you should avail of a baking sheet or heavy duty mesh instead. It’s worth it considering the added benefits like quicker cooking times and lesser mess to clean.

3) Using a baking sheet means less spillage or wastage.
This is if you compare it to aluminum trays with holes. Using pizza sheets with holes has its own advantages but it can lead to a lot of spillage and wastage especially if you are not fond of using cornmeal-sprinkled parchment paper which is the most commonly used item when cooking with utensils with holes. Additionally, with a pizza baking sheet, you are assured that the crust will be cooked evenly. 

The bottom line is that if you want to cook a high-quality pizza, it’s highly recommended that you make use of a pizza baking sheet. The advantages discussed above are proof of its efficiency. To summarize, it’s easy to use, it’s less expensive, and it doesn’t lead to too much spillage or wastage.

Fairs we attended

Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics Co.,Ltd enters different industyr with our products of PTFE Coated Fabrics, Silicone Coated Fabrics, PTFE Mesh Belts, PTFE Sealing Tape, Oven Liner, Silicone Baking Mat, PTFE Adhesive Tape & etc.

You can always see us in fairs of plastic, packing, adhesive, solar energy, China Canton Fair( twice a year since 2003)

Please feel free to contact us about meeting.

As a trust-worthy supplier, we hope to establish long term cooperation with your honored company.

Below are some pictures which we take during fair.


China Youngsun

China Youngsun

China Youngsun

China Youngsun

China Youngsun

China Youngsun

Taixing Youngsun

Taixing Youngsun

Taixing Youngsun

Taixing Youngsun


China Youngsun5

China Youngsun5


Why everyone needs an oven liner

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your oven clean and cut down on cleaning time, you may want to consider using an oven liner.

Even the best of cooks experience dishes that boil over or drip, falling onto the floor of the oven. cleaning feature. redone cooking, you can simply pull the liner out and wash it separately.

Oven Liners are usually made from a non-stick material such as fiberglass, high-density plastic, or even Teflon.

A good oven liner is designed to withstand high temperatures for extended periods of time, and should last you several years.

Liners are ideal for cooks who don’t have a self-cleaning oven, but even those with self-cleaning ovens can benefit as well.

Most self-cleaning ovens need to operate at a high temperature to remove caked on baking and cooking messes.

This can take up a lot of energy and result in a higher energy bill.

If you’re trying to reduce the amount of resources you use during your cooking sessions, an oven liner may be a good idea.

Whether you’re a professional cook or someone just looking to cut down on their time spent in the kitchen, consider  oven liners.

Use of a liner helps reduce the time spent cleaning the floor of your oven, saving you time, energy, and money.

Do not worry about the safety problem.

Oven liner produced by Taixing Youngsun FL-Plastics.Co.,Ltd have passed FDA & LFGB certificate.

Oven Liner

replacement of BBQ foil liner

Barbecues are great because you get to enjoy some pretty tasty food, but they are a pain to clean. Scrubbing burned on food from the grill tray is very difficult, time consuming, and not to mention extremely messy. One possible solution is to use foil liners, but these aren’t perfect. Instead of a foil liner you might like to consider using a non stick grill mat as it has many advantages.

What is a grill mat?

A BBQ grill mat is made from a heat resistant material and typically coated if ptfe for its excellent non stick properties. These liners can be cut to shape so that they suit any type of BBQ without the need to buy a specific brand. They also make it much easier to enjoy your barbecue since you don’t have to worry about cleaning it after cooking.

Benefits of a Grill Mat

A BBQ grillmat is an excellent way to save time cleaning your barbecue. As they can be cut to size it’s also possible to make baskets out of them to make it easier to cook small items of food. As the grill mat can be removed easily it is much easier to keep clean than needing to take the grill inside and wash it.

Disadvantages of Foil Liners or Foil Trays

As foil is made from metal it can get very hot while cooking. Foil also stays dangerously hot for quite some time after cooking, In comparison non stick BBQ mat cool down almost instantly. In the space of seconds a non stick mat will be completely cool to the touch, so they are the obvious safe option.

Foil can even cause the food to sweat which can lead to it loosing moisture. When cooking with nonstick grill mat the food will taste nicer since it will retain more of its original texture. Some people have voiced concerns about cooking with plastic coated mats, however these have full FDA & LFGB approval and are non toxic. The material used is exactly the same as a coating for nonstick pans and cookware.

Foil will distort and wrinkle up when exposed to the high temperatures required for cooking with a BBQ. This can make it more difficult to turn the food over and also make it more likely that food will stick. Non stick grill mats on the other hand will retain their shape and resist even very high temperatures. 

Foil trays are typically intended to be disposable so they are quite thin. It’s very easy to accidentally puncture the foil liner while you are trying to flip burgers or turn over sausages. Nonstick liners on the other hand are thicker and much stronger they will not become damaged under normal use. 

Trying to reuse and clean a foil liner is virtually impossible. It’s very easy to accidentally crease the foil which will damage it, this can make it useless for cooking. For this reason most people will dispose of them after each use. Non stick grill mats can be used many times without any problems. The thick coating is very durable and will survive thousands of washes.

If you often find yourself not wanting to use your barbecue because of the mess it can make then you should certainly buy miracle grill mat. These  are as seen on tv grill mat will make using your BBQ very easy and convenient. Take a look at just how useful these mats are and how much easier they can make your life today!


foil tray foil liner

foil tray foil liner

replacement of parchment paper

Cleaning up mess is undoubtedly the least desirable phase of the cooking process, and so any product that minimizes the prominence of food residues on your cooking appliances surely represents a worthwhile investment. By excelling in non-stick functionality and lastingness, oven liner or baking sheet or grill mat and pizza mesh can satisfy this brief to a degree that conventional parchment paper simply can’t. Available in an assortment of sizes and materials, these convenient products help catch any food spillages that would otherwise take considerable time and energy to remove.

Talking to pizza baking, a pizza mesh is use to replace pizza pan while heavy duty oven liner is installed at the base of your oven to catch the glue-like cheese that spills over the side of your pizza, or the bubbling jam that overflows from your crumble dish. The simplicity of this installation demonstrates a considerable advantage over standard baking parchment paper. An anti-slip oven liner can be straightforwardly fixed into place on one occasion, and will prevent food remains from burning on to your oven floor for up to 1000 times on either side thereafter.

Parchment paper, on the other hand, typically needs to be wrapped directly around food, removed and then replaced after each use. Making yet more work for you is the fact that parchment usually needs to be cut to size manually, whereas cake tin liners are available in a range of dimensions that allow them to be slipped inside your oven fuss-free.

What’s more, while silicone baking mat stay snugly in place once fitted, parchment paper is often more difficult to keep in position. Silicone sheet need nothing adding to adequately perform their function, but parchment may demand additional greasing if it’s to stick to the base of an oven or the inside of a cake tin. Similarly, although available as slender sheets or thicker mats, baking sheets are certainly more solid and impenetrable in appearance and performance than flimsier parchment paper – which, as the name suggests, is paper-thin.

The durability of our oven mat and traditional parchment paper has already been hinted at, and this theme continues when the heat-resistant PTFE coating of our products is considered. The fact that our oven liners are unfazed by heat up to 260 degrees makes them far more robust than your average parchment paper, which has a tendency to burn at high temperatures. Pleasingly, this PTFE composition also confers non-stick properties onto our oven liners. While the replacement of parchment paper is necessarily constant because it frequently sticks to food, residues are easily washed off our robust oven liners using a simple soap and water mixture – with no abrasive oven cleaners in sight!

The disposability factor means that parchment paper is a recurring expense, but the no-burn, easy-clean sturdiness of our oven liners or baking sheets makes them a far more long-term investment. Potential buyers will be still more satisfied to learn that Taixing Youngsun’s oven liners boast both FDA and LFGB certification. Accordingly, you’re guaranteed to get a product that matches the highest standards of food security as well as performance.

parchment paper

parchment paper