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electric stove burner liners color brown

Electric stove burner liners are made of PTFE coated fabrics.

It is a good replacement of foil burner liners.

Unlike foil burner liners, the surface of electric stove burner liners is flat and anti-wrinkle.

Its coating PTFE is nonstick, any messy drips can wipe clean,in stead of foil burner, you do not need to take it out to clean everytime after cooking.

Also it can resist high temperature, up to 260 degrees,anti-fire, so the messy drips will not burn it.

All of our electric stove burner liners are FDA and LFGB certificated.

It is dishwasher safe, reusable, cleaning will be easy, just use hot water with soap.

We can offer OEM service for any sizes you want.

electric stove burner liners

electric stove burner liners

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