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grill matt

Grill matt is made from sperical formulated PTFE coated Fabrics, which can resist high temperature for maximum 360 degrees.

PTFE is also called Teflon, it is using a lot in other kitchen crafts such as non stick cooking pan, non stick baking trays.

Youngsun coat PTFE on glassfiber, made into grill matt, which enables this mat to be super nonstick.

It wipes clean, even during your cooking, just clean it with kitchen tissue, no need to use any toxic cleaners.

Inside glassfiber fabrics enables the longer lift time of grill mat.

If you take care of it, no  sharp metal or scissors touches it, you can use this grill matt for thousands times.

Normal specification of grill matt as follows:

Thickness: 0.20mm

Color: black

Size: normally 33cm * 40cm, 30cm * 40cm.

Packing:(we have two packing methods with different prices)

One/ Two pieces per box     retailing packing

50 /100 pieces per opp bag    wholesale packing.

Our grill matt has passed FDA & LFGB certificate.

grill matt

grill matt

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