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nonstick grill mat 13.2 x 18inches

Nonstick Grill mat 13.2  x 18 inches

Nonstick grill mat is made of PTFE non-stick material.

It can resist high temperature(up to 260 degrees), totally enough for grilling.

100% non stick fat free baking.

Dishwasher safe, only wash with hot water.

Alternative to aluminum foil, wax and parchment paper.

Because it is made of glassfiber fabrics inside which enables its strength, so that it is reuable and durable.

If you use carefully, at leat 1000times.

Size: 13.2 x 18 inches(33.5  x 45.7cm), other sizes can also be made.

As a manufacturer we can offer OEM service.

nonstick grill mat

nonstick grill mat

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