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Oven Crisper Tray

Oven Crisper Tray, Making food crispy!

Oven Crisper Tray is made of Non-stick teflon mesh, and held by strong teflon edge.


Advantages of Non-stick Oven Tray

With fine mesh inside, heat and air would be allowed to circulate the food, resulting in even browning and cooking.

It’s the perfect cook’s aid for pizza, chips, chicken and pies.

Best of all, this basket could be used on the BBQ for cooking delicious food like fish, sea food, vegetables.

Three sizes is available now, suitable for toaster oven, oven and grill.


Oven Crisper Tray

Oven Crisper Tray is made of Non-stick teflon mesh, and held by strong teflon edge


Why Crisper Tray is special?

Not like normal basket, our Oven Crisper Mesh Basket is Very Strong, and the edge is Very Straight.

The lifetime of the Oven Crisper Tray is much more longer

Any sizes could be made now, and three normal sizes could be chosen.


oven crisper basket

Oven Crisper Basket is held by strong PTFE edge, which ensure it could lift heavy item easily. With mesh inside, hot air could circulate around and make food always crispy. So now no need for turning foods halfway through or adding additional oil & fat.


Certification of Non-stick Oven Crisper

This Oven Crisper Tray is FDA & LFGB certificated.

Youngsun is also BSCI and GSV audited.


We offer Oven Liner for selling together with the oven crisper tray!

oven sheet

oven sheet

Steven Xiong

Export Manager of Non-stick Baking or BBQ Mat/Mesh/Basket

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