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pizza oven tray

Pizza oven tray is a baking sheet with mesh sizes of 4mm.

This mesh sheet is coated with FDA & LFGB certificated -PTFE, also called Teflon.

This coating is same like other oven tray, which can resist high temperature up to 260 degrees.

If you are a pizza-making beginner and haven’t bought a stone, you can still make a flavorful pizza using your oven and a pizza oven tray.

Pizza made on this sheet is somewhat more crispy with a thicker crust.

Pick up your dough and place it in the cooking sheet, precooking the dough, which makes a crispier crust in final pizza.

Our pizza sheet is super nonstick that nothing will remain on its surface.

Just clean it with soap water after pizza finished.

We can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.

pizza oven tray

pizza oven tray

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