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100% Non stick, safe to 500°F, easy clean up, oven & microwave & freezer & dishwasher safe

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Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat, Non-stick, Keeps your grill and oven always clean!


-Golden surface! Great Non-stick!

Coated with a copper and golden Non-stick PTFE, this grill mat is very easy to clean!

This mat is suitable for many kinds of food, such as meat, vegetables, fruit, noodle, eggs and so on.


Copper grill sheet is lifetime guaranteed, could be used for a quite long time!

And could resist heat to 500 F, only notice that don’t use sharp items to scratch the mat, which will damage the coating.

-Food grade, safe to use!

With FDA & LFGB certification, copper grill mat is 100% safe to use.

And could be used in any kinds of gas, charcoal and electric oven and grills.

-Easy to clean!

Only need to wash with soapy water, the Non-stick surface of the copper grill sheet ensure the easy clean property!

And your oven or grill would be always clean and brand new!

Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat, Non-stick! Keeps your grill and oven clean!


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