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silicone baking sheet 23.25 x 22 inch

Silicone baking sheet gives your sheet pan a non stick surface for delicate or messy baking projects.

We use FDA and LFGB approved silicone coating, which enables it to be microwave and freezer safe.

And this silicone mats can also be used on the countertop for all types of dough.

You can cook homemade pizza  with it.

Pizza and any misplaced toppings(such as cheese, sauce, which bakes on as a brown or black cement after touches a metal pan) will never stick to the silicone baking sheet at all.

No cooking sprays, oils or parchment paper needed, which save you both calories and money.

This silicone baking sheet has quickly become a must-need product in silicone bakeware set.

Size: 23.25 x 22 inch(40cm x 60cm).

Other size is also available, we can offer OEM service for an size you want.


silicone baking sheet

silicone baking sheet

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