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silicone release paper

Silicone release paper is made of silicone coated fabrics.

It can resist high temperature, 260 degrees, which far over exceed most of the baking temperature.

Silicone coating is nonstick, with which you can use for rolling out dough and fondant.

Put in directly into the oven and bake it.

It is microwave and toaster oven safe.

After baking, you can easily move food from mats.

Cleaning is pretty simple, with warm water and mild dish soap.

It has durable and long lasting performance.

Please note that, do not cut dough with knife or other sharp metal on it.

All of our silicone release paper is FDA & LFGB certificated.

We can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.

silicone release paper

silicone release paper

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