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quickachips 33cm

Quickachips are made of mesh fabrics.

Coated with special food-safe PTFE, which is also called Teflon, this mesh basket can resist high temperature, up to 260 degrees.

However most of the oven baking temperature is only around 180 degrees.

It is a good choice when you want to make chips in microwave or toaster ovens.

What is more, this quickachips are super nonstick, nothing will left on its surface.

The glue-like cheese will not stick any more.

Cleaning it is very convenient, just pop it into soap water.

Please note that, it should be cleaned carefully, do not hurt it with knife or other sharp metals.

Size: 33cm square ( 13inch)

Other size is also available.

All of our products have passed FDA & LFGB certificated.

We can offer OEM service for customer.



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