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BBQ GRILL MATS, set of three in Costco wholesale

BBQ Grill Mats selling in Costco wholesale

BBQ Grill Mats are 100% Non-stick, could be used on the BBQ grill directly, which will result in an even brown or crispy surface for food.

And this magic BBQ Grill mat could resist heat up to 550F, reusable for more than hundreds of times.

It will change your grilling way totally!


BBQ Grill Mats

BBQ Grill Mats


Why choose Youngsun’s BBQ Grill Sheet?

       1.Food grade, 100% safe to use.

Youngsun has sold millions of BBQ Mat to Costco, QVC and many customers in USA, and the review is very good, our quality could be guaranteed.

Our BBQ Grilling mat is also PFOA & BPA Free, which is tested by certificated laboratory.

        2.Easy to clean, super Non-stick surface.

Youngsun is using imported, high quality PTFE, which ensure the high glossy and smooth surface.

       3.Price is very competitive

We weave the fiberglass ourselves, and coat it ourselves, which save the cost and make our price very competitive.

       4. OEM service, and Customized package could be offered

Any kinds of package could be customized made.

        5. Resist heat up to 288 C/550 F

Youngsun’s BBQ Grilling Mat could resist heat up to 288 C/550 F, which is tested by ITS, SGS.


Yoshi Grill Mat

Yoshi Grill Mat


What is the size for 3PK BBQ GRILL SHEETS


The normal size of Grilling mat is 30cm*40cm, 33cm*40cm or 40cm*50cm.

Round corner or square corner could be offered.

FDA & LFGB certificated, PFOA & BPA free.

Our factory is BSCI & GSV audited.


Care & Use


-Wash with water before first use.

-After use, soak and wash in warm soapy water.

-Don’t use sharp utensils.

-Don’t use scouring agents.

-Don’t fold or crease.

-Can be used on both sides.

-Suitable to any BBQ Grill.

-BBQ Grill Mats can be cut into any sizes.


Youngsun also has Copper Grill Mat! And Silver Grill Mat!

Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat, Non-stick, Keeps your grill and oven always clean!


-Golden surface! Great Non-stick!

Coated with a copper and golden Non-stick PTFE, this grill mat is very easy to clean!

This mat is suitable for many kinds of food, such as meat, vegetables, fruit, noodle, eggs and so on.


Copper grill sheet is lifetime guaranteed, could be used for a quite long time!

And could resist heat to 500 F, only notice that don’t use sharp items to scratch the mat, which will damage the coating.

-Food grade, safe to use!

With FDA & LFGB certification, copper grill mat is 100% safe to use.

And could be used in any kinds of gas, charcoal and electric oven and grills.

-Easy to clean!

Only need to wash with soapy water, the Non-stick surface of the copper grill sheet ensure the easy clean property!

And your oven or grill would be always clean and brand new!

Copper Grill Mat

Copper Grill Mat, Non-stick! Keeps your grill and oven clean!


See the open mesh bbq mats ! Which makes food always Crispy!

bbq mats

bbq mats

Oven Crisper Tray, Making food crispy!


grilling baskets

Grilling Basket

Grilling Basket is made from PTFE Coated Mesh Fabrics, which is high temperature resistant( up to 360 degrees).

To guarantee the lifetime of grilling basket, we put reinforcement in each edge of this basket and ensures its shape strength.

During your BBQ, many people face this problem, some vegetables and shrimps fall off BBQ stove.

Well, with this grilling basket, you can forget about the worries and easily enjoy your cooking.

The mesh size of 4mm by 4mm can hold almost all food, even corn or rice.

This basket is breathable compared to normal BBQ mat, food can be cooked more crispy and more delicious.

What is more, this grill basket is eco-friendly, if you cook carefully, you can use a least hundreds of times.

All of our grill baskets have passed FDA & LFGB certificate, no need to worry about food safety problem.

Normal size:

33cm×33cm (bottom size)

4cm( height)

We can offer OEM service to any customer.

Feel free to contact us for more information.


grilling baskets

grilling baskets

nonstick surface grill pads

Grill pads can be used during grilling.

Made of PTFE(Teflon) coated glassfiber fabrics, this grilling pad can resist high temperature, up to 360 degrees.

While grilling, the heat is less than 360 degrees which is safe to use grill pads.

By using grill pads, you can enjoy bbq without worry about the cleaning of glue like drips on metal mesh.

The main problem is that it is so difficult to clean it, if fires burn oils drips, will cause toxic chemicals.

With this grill pads, food can be put directly on top of it just like cooking on flat pans.

What is more, grill pad wiipes clean,  only with the help of kitchen tissue, you can  easily clean it.

No need to take it out only to clean, which will waste more time during bbq.

All of our products have passed FDA & LFGB certificate.

We can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.

grill pads

grill pads

bbq mats

BBQ Mats, a greater help for daily BBQ.

Are you still suffering cleaning the heavy drips on metal meshes after barbeque?

Worry about the waste and burned food on heated metal?

The you should definitely try bbq mats.

Made of Nonstick PTFE coated fabrics,  our bbq mats can resist high temperature up to 360 degrees.

What is more, the PTFE(also called Teflon) enables mats wiping cleaning, without using of toxic chemicals.

Basic material is glassfiber fabrics, it has strong tensile strength, which guarantees its lifetime for more than 1000 times.

We have different mesh sizes for BBQ mat, 4mm, 2mm,1mm for different food.

To ensures its quality, we can also make edges to protect the inside mats.

Normal sizes: 40cm * 33cm, 40cm * 30cm.

Other size is also available.

All of our BBQ Mats have passed FDA & LFGB certificate.


bbq mats

bbq mats

barbecue mat

Barbecue mat is easy to see in super market since more people enjoy barbecue with family and friends.

China Youngsun is a professional manufacturer of bbq mat.

Made of PTFE Fabrics, our bbq mat can resist high temperature, max around 360 degrees.

With PTFE(Teflon) coating,  our barbecue mat wipes clean instead of using toxic cleaner.

Even some mats are heavy duty, only put it into dish water and then the drips will fall off.

Our company has been producing this mat for decades, we offer OEM service to any customers required.

What is more, this grill matt can be cut with scissors or knifes to the size fits your oven.

Customer can purchase jumble rolls(hundred of meters long), cut yourself and repack it.

Or we can offer sizes already cut, pack one or two pieces per colored box and then put into carton.

All of our barbecue mats have passed FDA & LFGB certificate.


barbecue mat

barbecue mat


grill matt

Grill matt is made from sperical formulated PTFE coated Fabrics, which can resist high temperature for maximum 360 degrees.

PTFE is also called Teflon, it is using a lot in other kitchen crafts such as non stick cooking pan, non stick baking trays.

Youngsun coat PTFE on glassfiber, made into grill matt, which enables this mat to be super nonstick.

It wipes clean, even during your cooking, just clean it with kitchen tissue, no need to use any toxic cleaners.

Inside glassfiber fabrics enables the longer lift time of grill mat.

If you take care of it, no  sharp metal or scissors touches it, you can use this grill matt for thousands times.

Normal specification of grill matt as follows:

Thickness: 0.20mm

Color: black

Size: normally 33cm * 40cm, 30cm * 40cm.

Packing:(we have two packing methods with different prices)

One/ Two pieces per box     retailing packing

50 /100 pieces per opp bag    wholesale packing.

Our grill matt has passed FDA & LFGB certificate.

grill matt

grill matt

miracle mat from Youngsun

Miracle mat is made of PTFE coated fabrics.

Coating PTFE can guarantee high temperature resistant, which can reach up to 260 degrees.

This mat is miracle becasue it is super nonstick, the grilling oil, messy can wipe clean with even a napkin.

If the mess is too heavy to clean while grilling, you can pop it into soap water, then it is easy to clean.

Inside ptfe coating, it is glassfiber fabrics, which ensures strengthen, if you try by hand it is impossilbe to broken or tear it.

Only with the help of knife or scissors.

In this way, you can aslo cut this miracle mat to the size you want.

All of our miracle mats have passed FDA and LFGB certificate.

As a direct manufacturer, we can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.

miracle mat

miracle mat

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buy miracle grill mat contact Youngsun

Buy miracle grill mat? Contact us Youngsun.

Youngsun produce FDA and LFGB certificated miracle grill just  as per you watched on TV.

It is made from PTFE coated fabrics,which can resist high temperautre( up to 260degrees), while normal grilling is only at max 200 degree temperatrure.

Besides, Youngsun grill mat has an outstanding nonstick surface, which means that it is wipe clean even during grilling.

You can even make pizza without worry that glue-like cheese will stick on the mat and damage it.

We offer different sizes, which can fit most of the grilling machine.

Unlike foil, which is only one time usage, and easy to tear apart, this grill mat is thicker, and impossible to tear by hand.

But you can use scissors to cut accroding to your size.

We offer OEM service to customer as per their requirments.

buy miracle grill mat

buy miracle grill mat

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bbq mat 15.75 x 19.68inch

BBQ mat, when you buy miracle grill mat, most people will think of foil products, such as foil tray or foil liner.

But Youngsun bbq mat is made from PTFE coated fabrics, which unlike foil liner is a reusable material.

It is coated with special PTFE, which enable this miracle mat to be nonstick, any drips or mess can be cleaned easily, even during your grilling.

Just wipe it clean with hot water or clean oil.

But foil tray cannot clean during cooking.

If you are also worrying about the high temperature, then no need, our grilling mat can resist up to 260 degrees, while grill is normally reaching around 180~200 degrees.

Also this bbq mat is reusable, after cleaning, hand it and let air dry.

Please note that, do not touch it with sharp metal or knife, if you use it carefully, it can be used for more than 1000 times.

All of our products have passed FDA and LFGB certificate.

We can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.

bbq mat

bbq mat

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