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pizza oven tray

Pizza oven tray is a baking sheet with mesh sizes of 4mm.

This mesh sheet is coated with FDA & LFGB certificated -PTFE, also called Teflon.

This coating is same like other oven tray, which can resist high temperature up to 260 degrees.

If you are a pizza-making beginner and haven’t bought a stone, you can still make a flavorful pizza using your oven and a pizza oven tray.

Pizza made on this sheet is somewhat more crispy with a thicker crust.

Pick up your dough and place it in the cooking sheet, precooking the dough, which makes a crispier crust in final pizza.

Our pizza sheet is super nonstick that nothing will remain on its surface.

Just clean it with soap water after pizza finished.

We can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.

pizza oven tray

pizza oven tray

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bake sheet

Bake sheet is what we can use to replace normal baking tray.

Unlike aluminum or other metal baking tray, this bake sheet is super non stick, because it is coated with PTFE.

So you can remove cookies or cakes out of the sheet and then clean it.

This baking sheet is reusable, for more than 1000 times on both sides if you use carefully.

The hole size of baking sheet is 4mm * 4mm.

Even there are pizza pan with holes, but this baking liner has disadvantage.

First of all, the baking sheet is far more easy to clean.

Second the baking sheet can cool down quickly itself.

You will not get hurt when you take it out soon after baking.

All of our products have passed FDA & LFGB certificate.

We can offer OEM service to customer’s requirments.

bake sheet

bake sheet

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pizza mesh

Pizza mesh is made of PTFE coated fabrics.

The coating of PTFE enables super non stick surface, which means nothing will stick on this mesh.

Are you still worrying about pizza making?

Then we highly recommend this products.

Unlike normal pizza pan, this pizza mesh is air free.

So the pizza is heated evenly up and down, which means the pizza will be crispy.

After baking, just put it into hot soap water, and it wipes clean.

Size:dia 33cm, which fits most of the oven sizes.

Other size is also available.

All of our products have passed FDA & LFGB certificated.

We can offer OEM service to customer as per their requirments.

pizza mesh

pizza mesh

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replacement of parchment paper

Cleaning up mess is undoubtedly the least desirable phase of the cooking process, and so any product that minimizes the prominence of food residues on your cooking appliances surely represents a worthwhile investment. By excelling in non-stick functionality and lastingness, oven liner or baking sheet or grill mat and pizza mesh can satisfy this brief to a degree that conventional parchment paper simply can’t. Available in an assortment of sizes and materials, these convenient products help catch any food spillages that would otherwise take considerable time and energy to remove.

Talking to pizza baking, a pizza mesh is use to replace pizza pan while heavy duty oven liner is installed at the base of your oven to catch the glue-like cheese that spills over the side of your pizza, or the bubbling jam that overflows from your crumble dish. The simplicity of this installation demonstrates a considerable advantage over standard baking parchment paper. An anti-slip oven liner can be straightforwardly fixed into place on one occasion, and will prevent food remains from burning on to your oven floor for up to 1000 times on either side thereafter.

Parchment paper, on the other hand, typically needs to be wrapped directly around food, removed and then replaced after each use. Making yet more work for you is the fact that parchment usually needs to be cut to size manually, whereas cake tin liners are available in a range of dimensions that allow them to be slipped inside your oven fuss-free.

What’s more, while silicone baking mat stay snugly in place once fitted, parchment paper is often more difficult to keep in position. Silicone sheet need nothing adding to adequately perform their function, but parchment may demand additional greasing if it’s to stick to the base of an oven or the inside of a cake tin. Similarly, although available as slender sheets or thicker mats, baking sheets are certainly more solid and impenetrable in appearance and performance than flimsier parchment paper – which, as the name suggests, is paper-thin.

The durability of our oven mat and traditional parchment paper has already been hinted at, and this theme continues when the heat-resistant PTFE coating of our products is considered. The fact that our oven liners are unfazed by heat up to 260 degrees makes them far more robust than your average parchment paper, which has a tendency to burn at high temperatures. Pleasingly, this PTFE composition also confers non-stick properties onto our oven liners. While the replacement of parchment paper is necessarily constant because it frequently sticks to food, residues are easily washed off our robust oven liners using a simple soap and water mixture – with no abrasive oven cleaners in sight!

The disposability factor means that parchment paper is a recurring expense, but the no-burn, easy-clean sturdiness of our oven liners or baking sheets makes them a far more long-term investment. Potential buyers will be still more satisfied to learn that Taixing Youngsun’s oven liners boast both FDA and LFGB certification. Accordingly, you’re guaranteed to get a product that matches the highest standards of food security as well as performance.

parchment paper

parchment paper

nonstick heavy duty mesh

Nonstick heavy duty mesh is basic tool for pizza baking.

When it comes to making homemade pizza, many people agree that the best method is using heavy duty mesh instead of pizza stone.

First of all, our heavy duty mesh is high temperature resistant(up to 260 degrees).

Also this mesh itself does not add heat, after baking, you can touch this pizza sheet without get hurt by heat.

With mesh size of 4mm x 4mm, air can circluate all around ensures crisp pizza every time.

It is reusable, convenient for daily usage.

Baking mesh clean up quickly and easily with soap and water and allow to air dry.

It will become your favorite pizza utensils.

All our baking meshes have passed FDA and LFGB certificate.

We can offer OEM service for any customer.

heavy duty mesh

heavy duty mesh

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pizza baking sheet dia 33cm

Pizza baking sheet works great for homemade pizza.

Are you still using pizza stone or steel pizza pan?

Will you come accross some troubles that misplaced topping such as cheese or dough bakes as a brown or black cement when they touch metal?

You need to replace them with our new baking screen when making pizzas.

Made of PTFE coated meshes, our pizza baking sheet can resist temperature up to 500 F(260 degrees).

It is reusable, durable and long lasting.

Size: dia 33cm(13inch)

It fits most of the pizza size and can also be cut to your required sizes.

PTFE coating enables its surface nonstick.

So it is easy to clean, just wash off with soap and water, rinse , shake off water and let it air dry.

All of our pizza baking sheets have passed FDA and LFGB certificate.

You can contact us for OEM service.

pizza baking sheet

pizza baking sheet

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reusable pizza mesh

resuable pizza mesh 15  x 15 inch

Reusable pizza mesh helps make pizza ina regular oven.

Pizza mesh works by letting you cook pizza in ovens not only designed for pizza only.

It allows air go through and quick easy release from cooking surface.

Reusable pizza mesh can resist high temperature up to 260 degrees.

Made of FDA and LFGB approved PTFE coating, the surface of pizza mesh is nonstick.

Size: 15  x 15 inch ( 38  x 38cm), other size is also available.

Cleaning is very easy, just put it into soap water and then clean it.

Please note that, as the PTFE coating is fragile, do not touch it with knife or other sharp metal.

We can offer OEM service.


reusable pizza mesh

reusable pizza mesh

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