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toast bags

Toast bags is made of PTFE coated fabrics.

PTFE coating is also called Teflon, which is outstandingly nonstick.

Nothing will stick on its surface, which means you do not need to worry about cleaning the mess.

Usually,when making toast, the main problem is that you want to add cheese and then the filling glue-like cheese is so difficult to clean especially when it fall down on bottom of toaster.

But with our toast bags, you do not need to worry.

This bag will hold all the drips inside and your toaster is intact.

Cleaning this toaster is far more easy than you imagine.

Put it bottm up and all the drips will fall down.

If the mess is too heavy, then you can clean with soap water.

All of our toaster bags are FDA & LFGB certificated.

We can offer OEM service as per customer’s requirments.


toast bags

toast bags

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