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replacement of BBQ foil liner

Barbecues are great because you get to enjoy some pretty tasty food, but they are a pain to clean. Scrubbing burned on food from the grill tray is very difficult, time consuming, and not to mention extremely messy. One possible solution is to use foil liners, but these aren’t perfect. Instead of a foil liner you might like to consider using a non stick grill mat as it has many advantages.

What is a grill mat?

A BBQ grill mat is made from a heat resistant material and typically coated if ptfe for its excellent non stick properties. These liners can be cut to shape so that they suit any type of BBQ without the need to buy a specific brand. They also make it much easier to enjoy your barbecue since you don’t have to worry about cleaning it after cooking.

Benefits of a Grill Mat

A BBQ grillmat is an excellent way to save time cleaning your barbecue. As they can be cut to size it’s also possible to make baskets out of them to make it easier to cook small items of food. As the grill mat can be removed easily it is much easier to keep clean than needing to take the grill inside and wash it.

Disadvantages of Foil Liners or Foil Trays

As foil is made from metal it can get very hot while cooking. Foil also stays dangerously hot for quite some time after cooking, In comparison non stick BBQ mat cool down almost instantly. In the space of seconds a non stick mat will be completely cool to the touch, so they are the obvious safe option.

Foil can even cause the food to sweat which can lead to it loosing moisture. When cooking with nonstick grill mat the food will taste nicer since it will retain more of its original texture. Some people have voiced concerns about cooking with plastic coated mats, however these have full FDA & LFGB approval and are non toxic. The material used is exactly the same as a coating for nonstick pans and cookware.

Foil will distort and wrinkle up when exposed to the high temperatures required for cooking with a BBQ. This can make it more difficult to turn the food over and also make it more likely that food will stick. Non stick grill mats on the other hand will retain their shape and resist even very high temperatures. 

Foil trays are typically intended to be disposable so they are quite thin. It’s very easy to accidentally puncture the foil liner while you are trying to flip burgers or turn over sausages. Nonstick liners on the other hand are thicker and much stronger they will not become damaged under normal use. 

Trying to reuse and clean a foil liner is virtually impossible. It’s very easy to accidentally crease the foil which will damage it, this can make it useless for cooking. For this reason most people will dispose of them after each use. Non stick grill mats can be used many times without any problems. The thick coating is very durable and will survive thousands of washes.

If you often find yourself not wanting to use your barbecue because of the mess it can make then you should certainly buy miracle grill mat. These  are as seen on tv grill mat will make using your BBQ very easy and convenient. Take a look at just how useful these mats are and how much easier they can make your life today!


foil tray foil liner

foil tray foil liner

Steven Xiong

Export Manager of Non-stick Baking or BBQ Mat/Mesh/Basket

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