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Silicone Sheet Non Stick 11.8″ x 15.8″

Silicone Sheet Non Stick works great for cooking and baking.

Size: 11.8″ x 15.8″( 30cm x 40cm)

It provides outstanding heat conductivity,can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silicone sheet is a reusable substiute for wax and parchment paper.

Normally, before baking pizza or bread, now with silicone baking mat,  no need to oil or spray down before putting food on,  flavors or odors will not penetrate silicone baking mats.

Just place food on the mat on a tray, and pop it in the oven.

Silicone mat has durable and long lasting performance, can use thousands of times.

Plesase note that, do not exceed the temperature reange, do not scrub it with back side of a sponge, do not touch it with sharp metal.

After using, just wash off with soap and water, rinse, shake off water and let it air dry.

All of our silicone sheet have passed FDA and LFGB certificate.

If you want to order OEM service, please feel free to contact us.

Silicone Sheet Non Stick 11.8" x 15.8"

silicone sheet

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Steven Xiong

Export Manager of Non-stick Baking or BBQ Mat/Mesh/Basket

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